Selected Texts About Our Work in Professional Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers and Websites


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In Israel

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Selected Texts by Us in Professional Publications

Grobman, Yasha. J “ Performance” XXI magazine, Turkey. 10/2008. Pp 54-56. (In Turkish)

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Texts by us in Academic and Professional Books

“Performalism – Between Form, Function and Performance in Contemporary Architecture”. Grobman, Yasha. J. Neuman, E. Eds. Routledge Press. Expected in 1/2011

Selected Texts by Us in Professional Publications

Grobman, Yasha. J. “Soft[ware] boundaries - complex geometry in architectural design.” In Festschrift in honor of Prof. Mordechai Omer. Eds. Hana Taragan and Dr. Nissim Gal. Tel Aviv University Press. Expected in 11/2009

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Grobman,Yasha. J. “Beyond the Program”. In A New Building Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The Herta and Paul Amir Architectural Competition. Tel Aviv Museum of Art, cat. 3/2004. pp. 64-67

Texts by Us in Academic Peer Reviewed Publications

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