Expo 2015, Milan, IT

Finalist in an open competition to design the Israeli pavilion to the Milan Expo 2015.


Dates: Competition - 2013
Area: 1000 sq”m


  • Architecture: Grobman Architects in collaboration with Yonatan Cohen and Davide Schumann
  • Principal in charge: Yasha Grobman
  • Design team: Yasha Grobman, Yonatan Cohen, Davide Schumann, Neta Karp, Yonatan Cohen, Michael Weizmann
  • Interior design: Studio Amir Zehavi
  • Producers and exhibition concept: Breeze Creative and Studio Amir Zehavi
  • Landscape architecture: Zurnamal Turner lanscape architects.


    Design Video:

    Link to the proposal video (the architectural proposal starts at 0:53)...